Master Classes

Expand your beer Knowledge with our master classes



Presented by Cryer Malt

Included with your ticket, these master classes are presented by brewers & industry leaders. Each session runs for approx 30 mins and often include free tastings. Look for the Master Class tent at the festival and plan your visit with our schedule below.

Saturday 3rd March

2:00 PM

Building a Brewery: It’s Not Just About The Beer

Host: Andrew Georgiou, Managing Director – Fury and Son Brewing Company

Join Fury and Son’s managing director as he takes you on a guided tour of what it really takes to open a truely independent brewery from scratch, building a brand and sticking to your guns.

2:45 PM

A Cicerone’s Guide to Tasting Beer

Host: Matt Marinich, Venue Manager & Certified Cicerone – Stomping Ground Brewing

The word Cicerone (sis-uh-rohn) designates hospitality professionals with proven experience in selecting, acquiring and serving today’s wide range of beers. A guided tasting session leading you through the top ten things to consider when buying, serving and tasting beer.

3:15 PM

Discover the Art of Brewing

Host: Liam Yorke, Brewart Australia

Discover the art of brewing with BrewArt the world’s first fully automated personal brewing system.

4:00 PM


Hosts: Hawkers’ Head Brewer, Justin “I’m just glad to be here” Corbitt & National Manager, Mik “I’m glad he’s here” Halse

The story of a scrap metal collector who found beer and now heads up one of the largest independent breweries in Australia; and his colleague who worked out how to get paid to drink beer.
Please note: Mik can be slightly amusing, but has been known to use occasional fruity language. **Includes limited edition Hawkers Beer Tastings

4:45 PM


Host: Tiffany Waldron, Beer Ambassador & Certified Cicerone

Experience the unique delights from the Sour Sisters range by Goose Island with a beer and cheese matching session, whilst learning a little more about the award winning Goose Island range. **Tastings included

5:30 PM


Host: Sam Johnstone, Yenda

Experience the joy of Beer and Whiskey. Includes Boilermakers and other awesome cocktails with beer. **Tastings included